about StoreAGE

Electrical energy storage (EES) is a key technology to advance renewable electricity production, as it can balance the fluctuating nature wind and solar power, and therefore guarantee stable electricity supply. Redox flow batteries (RFB) and lithium ion batteries (LIB) are the most advanced EES systems.

There are many different variations of those battery systems available, but in general batteries are better suited for decentralized storage (1-100 MWh) and short to midterm storage durations (hours to days). Even though, battery systems are ideally suited to accompany the expansion of renewable electricity generation, systems with improved storage capacity and lifetime are necessary to achieve this task.

The goal of StoreAGE is to advance and boost the development of energy storage systems, with increased storage time and efficiency and to train highly qualified personnel and researchers in this field.

The topic of this event is Surface Chemistry and Energy storage systems

We are pleased to welcome external speakers such as Prof. Ferdi Schüth (MPI Coal Research), Prof. Jelena Popovic-Neuber (University of Stavanger) and many more.


In both LIB and RFB systems, the solid-liquid interface between electrode and electrolyte is crucial for the performance of the whole battery system. Therefore, StoreAGE applies advanced characterization techniques to analyze and understand the solid-liquid interface. Based on understanding the fundamental and molecular mechanisms, strategies for the improvement of the overall battery systems will be developed. In addition to the battery system, also the sourcing and recycling of essential resources for battery manufacturing will be an essential part of the project.


  • Develop and apply advanced surface analysis techniques to probe solid-liquid interfaces.
  • Investigate fundamental reaction mechanisms in battery systems (LIB and RFB).
  • Determine the influence of electrolyte composition on interface reactions.
  • Facilitate breakthrough of novel RFB concepts and feedstock sources for batteries.

Training program

As Doctoral Network, StoreAGE aims to excellent education for the involved doctoral candidates in the fields of energy storage and surface science. In addition to advanced surface characterization techniques and energy storage technologies, they will be able to understand issues of sustainability and economic viability in academic and industrial environments.

Facts and Figures

  • 17 Partners
  • Project start: 1.10.2023
  • Project duration: 48 months
  • Total funding: 2.88 Mio €